Ninth Street Bakery

METRO MANILA / FOOD / Dessert / Cupcakes

Founder: Kenn Ngo

1. What got you started with this brand? What was your inspiration? What is the idea/concept behind it?

It’s actually kind of like a passion project for our mom. She used to have a bakery before and has a lot of signature recipes. We decided to open Ninth Street Bakery so we can share her baked goods that we used to just enjoy ourselves.

2. What is your best-selling product?

Our #1 best-seller among family and friends, and new customers, is the Cheese cupcake. It has that sweet and salty cheesy flavor, very buttery and soft, perfect for breakfast or coffee time. Our Coffee cupcakes are also very popular–you’ll know when you smell them. Everyone has a favorite flavor though!

Assorted Cupcakes (Ube, Choco, Cheese, Coffee)

3. What do you want people to experience with your brand/product(s)?

Our products are actually reminiscent of those old-school cupcakes you used to enjoy as a kid. We want people to take a bite of our cupcakes and suddenly remember their childhood, good times, warmth, and comfort.


4. What tips and advice can you give to entrepreneurs who are just starting out or are planning to start their own brand?

When you start something, make sure it’s something you are passionate about. If you love baking, go bake. If you love to design, do something creative. If you love doing it, you’ll do well.


5. What’s next for your brand?

We plan to expand our product line! Hopefully, we’ll get to share more of our mom’s specialties soon.

Mixed Cookies (Chunky Chip, Double Dark)

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