Oh Yo Homemade Yogurt

METRO MANILA / FOOD / Breakfast and Snacks / Yogurt

Founders: Crissia “Ysha” Rodriguez, Aira “Aya” Rodriguez, Faith Rodriguez

1. What got you started with this brand? What was your inspiration? What is the idea/concept behind it?

Oh Yo Homemade Yogurt was established in 2020 by sisters Crissia Gem “Ysha,” Aira Nica “Aya,” and Faith Ydette Rodriguez. Their yogurt is a staple household recipe that used to be served to guests who visited their home.

Ysha was a former airline ground staff at a prestigious airline company while Aya is a healthcare professional and medical student. The two sisters decided to put up an online yogurt business to spend their free time effectively. Ysha handles the production and marketing while Aya handles the logistics and finances. As the business flourished, they needed another pair of hands to oversee the deliveries, and that’s where their eldest sister Faith, a former admin staff in a tech company in Singapore, came into the picture of the growing brand.

Due to the pandemic, more people are facing stress, which can trigger not only over-eating, but making bad food choices as well. The Rodriguez sisters want people to have access to safe, affordable, and healthy snacks through Oh Yo Homemade Yogurt. They want to bring an added health value to everybody’s daily grind. Their fresh and premium yogurts can satisfy people’s sweet tooth cravings in a healthy, delicious way.

All Oh Yo’s homemade yogurts are produced with love. They are made from 100% organic cow’s milk. The milk is first pasteurized, then fermented with various live bacteria cultures, then finally incubated at a specific temperature to encourage bacteria growth.

2. What is your best-selling product?

Our best-selling flavors are Strawberry Yo and Mango Jelly Yo. We also have two other flavors: Plain Yo and Blueberry Yo.

3. What do you want people to experience with your brand/product(s)?

We strive to make our customers’ day feel “OHsome” with Oh Yo Homemade Yogurt. We want to promote spreading positive vibes, brightening everyone’s day, and sharing a ray of sunshine–all through our bottles of homemade yogurt.

4. What tips and advice can you give to entrepreneurs who are just starting out or are planning to start their own brand?

Our advice is to always stay positive and to believe in your brand. Also, brace yourself for the roller-coaster ride ahead!

5. What’s next for your brand?

This year, we are planning to launch our fro-yo (frozen yogurt). We also hope and pray that we will be able to build a physical store somewhere in Metro Manila.

6. What other additional information and details would you like to share?

We are expanding! We are looking for provincial distributors and resellers in nearby provinces, such as Laguna, Cavite, Pampanga, Rizal, Bataan, and Zambales. If interested, you can contact us through our Facebook and Instagram accounts for more details.

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Photos by: Marie Abesamis

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