Pebreros Home

METRO MANILA / LIFESTYLE / Home and Decor / Decor, Dinnerware

Founder: Caren Moral-Reyes

1. What got you started with this brand? What was your inspiration? What is the idea/concept behind it?

It was really my husband’s idea to bring the well-known marble products of my hometown Romblon to Metro Manila. Way back in 2018, when we visited Romblon, he was so amazed by the craftsmanship of the Romblomanons that he wanted to capture photos of how these craftsmen were creating such beautiful products. Then when this pandemic happened, along with all the other calamities that struck the country last year, we could not help but think of all those people who lost their living, those who are trying really hard to survive in these difficult times. And so we then came up with the idea of promoting local products–we figured that we could start with the marble products from my hometown. We wanted to help our local artisans whose main living was centered around their handicraft of creating marble products.

2. What is your personal favorite product from your brand?

Personally, my favorites are the black marble products. They have very unique stretches of sometimes bronze and gray, sometimes white and gray, and sometimes minimal stretches of white.

3. What do you want people to experience with your brand/product(s)?

We want our customers to appreciate and experience the best quality of the products made by our very own Filipino craftsmen and artisans. We want to open their eyes to the amazing products that the Philippines is capable of making. We also want these beautiful marble products to be readily available here in Metro Manila, so that even those people who can’t travel outside of the Metro, especially during this time of pandemic, can still purchase them and let them become a part of their homes.

4. What tips and advice can you give to entrepreneurs who are just starting out or are planning to start their own brand?

Actually, I am also just starting out, but my realization is that once you’ve decided to start your business journey, there’s no turning back. There will be doubts and frustrations along the way, but if you really love and know why you are doing what you are doing, the “how” will eventually follow.

5. What’s next for your brand?

Currently, we are researching on what product and from which province we can sell next, besides the marble products we presently carry. Our vision is to have a collection of local handicrafts in which anyone can just freely mix and match whatever product they like and bring them into their homes.

6. What other additional information and details would you like to share?

Each marble product is very unique. No two types of marbles are the same. Each marble has its own unique stretch of colors. We aim to bring the uniqueness of each local product to the Metro.

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