Hola Chica


Co-founder: Adriana Montenegro

2-Tier Rattan Fruit Tray
Round Rattan Tray
LAGUNA Rectangular Baskets

1. What got you started with this brand? What was your inspiration? What is the idea/concept behind it?


How we started:

Hola Chica started back in September 2017 when we, the founders, went on a leisure trip to Bangkok, Thailand. A light bulb moment happened when we were exploring the local weekend market in Chatuchak. We came across lots and lots of Thai crafts, which included bags, baskets, and other home décor–they sure were a pretty bunch! So we said to ourselves, “Why not sell them in the Philippines?” In fact, our initial inventory of bags were all sourced from Thailand. Our business and number of clients grew bigger and bigger as we launched our initial inventory from Thailand. Because of the growing demand, the team decided to make some changes to the business structure. One day, we gathered and talked about sourcing our products locally to support Filipino craftsmen–with this, we not only get to help our local weavers, but produce faster as well to cope with the demand. This brought about Hola Chica’s road to supporting local Filipino craftsmanship, sustainability, and innovation.



Hola Chica was inspired by our love for fashion and weaved bags.


2. What is your personal favorite product from your brand?

Definitely our Bondi Bag! It’s a multi-functional bag that can be used in so many ways. You can toss all your stuff in and match it with any outfit for a cute, simple, classy look! This bag is perfect for both the beach and the city.

BONDI Multifunctional Bag

3. What do you want people to experience with your brand/product(s)?

We want our clients to experience local Filipino craftsmanship, and be proud of it.

DUNE Baskets
AZURE Multipurpose Baskets (set of 3)

4. What tips and advice can you give to entrepreneurs who are just starting out or are planning to start their own brand?

Love what you sell! Have confidence and believe in your brand. These are the most important aspects in having a business.

AZTA Bucket Basket
Floor Basket

5. What’s next for your brand?

We are brewing new designs that are multi-functional, playful, and sustainable. Stay tuned!

KENYA Basket
Square Reef Basket

6. What other additional information and details would you like to share?

We ship worldwide. We customize (Rattan products only).

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Rattan Caddy
Mini Rectangular Rattan Basket

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